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Mid/Senior UI Designer with great visual flair

We're looking for a UI Designer with great visual polish to mature how Qwilr engages users in over 80 countries. Experienced in designing features for real digital products, you will elegantly balance design constraints and create high fidelity prototypes, creating the best user experience in Qwilr.

This role is based in Sydney, Australia

the role

Grow our design system, add visual flair, and empower large teams using Qwilr to create beautiful documents at scale

the role

Join our quest for undeniable bestness

From Qwilr’s driving Principles—We succeed not by taking hack shortcuts, not by social engineering or political machination, or short-term hot-air strategies, but by working resolutely and systemically to become the best. And not just the best, but the Undeniable Best, a superiority which once experienced, cannot be argued with. We’re looking for an experienced designer to help create undeniable bestness in our growing products, for users in over 30 countries.

Design at Qwilr

You’ll be joining a design team of two, (Dylan, our CEO and design founder, and Dominic, our design lead), passionate about creating meaningful and lasting value for users. The scope of design at Qwilr is broad and deeply valued, where you’ll have influence across the complete product development cycle. We have a great foundation of product thinking and ideation, and we’re looking for someone with great visual polish in their work, to round out our skillset, and help shape features with visual flair.

What you’ll be helping with

Team sizes using Qwilr have grown over the past few years, and with this increase new complexities have surfaced: review processes, access permissions, comments and the need for team visibility. We want to have these areas as a renewed focus, so we can broaden the value Qwilr offers to new and underserved stakeholders in the creation process, whilst retaining the simplicity of our core product experience.

Whilst creating these new areas in the product, you’ll also help level up all UI patterns and behaviour, so it can be used and enjoyed across the entire product.

our search

A skilled UI and interaction designer with visual polish in their work, looking to level up in their role

our search

In short, we’re looking for a skilled interaction designer with visual polish in their work, with at least a few years experience applying their design thinking to real world digital products. We’re totally open to people from non-traditional design backgrounds too, but the following is how we’ll be evaluating candidates:


Ability to empathise with the user

You are eager to share your work early and often with users for feedback, and iterate based on real feedback. We want to see you have a routine ability to understand the people you’re designing for, the context they operate within, and how this translates to your design outcomes.


Strength in unpacking a problem

You have the ability to apply your design skills in product, interaction, and visual design to help create and build new features. We’d like to see how you explore and unpack a problem, particularly in areas where the understanding of the problem evolved after research.


A keen collaborator 

You are able to communicate your ideas in a clear and accessible way, especially to non-designers.

We believe great collaboration within design and across teams helps strengthen the solution, and we’d like to see your experience in working with others, especially across functional teams.


Speed in validating concepts

You can quickly create working models or prototypes to flesh out an idea, and see how it feels to use it. We’d like to see how you are able to iterate quickly around a problem, without getting too attached to any particular path or idea. 


Fluent in design handover

An understanding of how your designs translate to front end code, so you can appreciate and bend constraints. Triple bonus points if you are comfortable pushing front-end code yourself.


Attention to detail and polish 

We have a very high bar in our design work, and we want to see a similarly high level of execution and pride presented in your work. Experience with UI design systems, and maintaining and growing it over a long period of time, would be a big plus.

our company

Based in Sydney, feel impact and reach in your work, with a strong emphasis on being life compatible 

our company


We have tens of thousands of users, across 80 countries, creating qwilrs in over 26 languages - and we are growing every day. You will be contributing to a product that is used every day, all over the world.


Qwilr has no requirements about attire or what time you turn up at the office. What we care about is that you produce excellent work and collaborate well. For some people that means working from home a few days a week. For some people that means sleeping late and working in the night. For some people that means going to the gym in the middle of the day. Whatever it is that makes you comfortable, focused and able to produce great work and collaborate well.

Life compatible

Happy and healthy people can focus, push themselves when it matters and do great work. Exhausted and stressed people do not do good work. Period. Part of Qwilr’s focus on “Undeniable Bestness” is a focus on encouraging employees to be mentally rested, to take leave and to lead fulfilled lives outside of work. We want the best people and we want to keep them. Part of that means ensuring that life is compatible with Qwilr and ideally, enhance one another.

Passionate people

We’ve got that list of impressive backgrounds we can reel off (Google, Microsoft, Campaign Monitor, Harvard etc) - but what you really need to know is this: Qwilr is fierce about finding the best people and providing them an environment to flourish. That means we’ve got a team of really smart people, who really care about, and take pride, in what they do.

our process

Broken up into 3 stages to evaluate and understand if it's a good fit, for both sides

OUR process

STEP 1 —

Portfolio review

After receiving your portfolio, we'll go through it to evaluate your design skills, experience, and style.  We're looking specifically for polished portfolios, with a great foundation of solid design thinking, creative solutions, and empathy for the user's context. 

STEP 2 —

Interview & Whiteboard

This will be a informal chat with Dom, our Design Lead, followed by a whiteboard session to see how you approach and collaborate on a problem. This is to see how you approach a design problem in person, and get a general feel for what it would be like working together. 

STEP 3 —

Meet the Founders

After this, you’ll come in to meet the founders, Dylan (our CEO) and Mark (our COO). This will be an informal chat. An opportunity for you to get to know us at a human level, and for us to get to know you.

Does this sound like you?

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